Summer Bites and Kid lee Food

When I was a kid, my mother tried to coax me to eat lettuce and tomato salads at family meals. But I just wasn’t interested.

Cole slaw has never been a favorite either.

I’m not a fan of mayonnaise. From a young age, I was introduced to a mess of shredded cabbage and carrots (and sometimes raisins) at fast food restaurants. Those tasteless, slaws failed to entice my eye, my palate and my stomach.

Today, with the greater variety available in the grocery store, my idea of a salad has evolved beyond lettuce and tomato. A slaw is too labour intensive for someone like me to make, too. But when I first learned about the Asian Slaw Salad offered at Susur Lee’s Kid Lee in First Canadian Place, I knew I had to try it.

Vermicelli; daikon sprouts; pickled onion; micro greens in Asian Slaw Salad from Kid Lee.

Yellow flower petals adorned a colorful mound of julienned vegetables. I added a plentiful side order of sweet, oven-cooked pineapple chunks to my meal. And ended up taking half the side order home and serving it with a mix of vegetables a day later.  The colour, texture and crunch of the different vegetables included micro greens, carrots, pickled onion, daikon sprouts, tomatoes and crunchy  vermicelli.

At first bite, the slaw tasted a little too sweet for me. But as I burrowed down through the 19 different ingredients, I discovered a tangy flavor that enhanced the salad’s flavor. I wondered if the slaw needed another toss from the bottom to mix the plum dressing a little more.

I’ll keep the slaw salad in mind for the next time I’m hungry and looking for a quick, food court lunch at First Canadian Place. It’s definitely worth another try. Kid Lee has provided me with incentive to eat more salads. I’m sure Mum would be pleased.

Kid Lee, 1 First Canadian Place, 100 King Street W.

Click the link here for more information.

Words by HB

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