Jamaican Beef Patty Bites

Jamaican beef patties are back on the menu at my place again.

A friend recently introduced me to Patty Time patties. She buys them in bulk from a Lawrence Avenue E. shop and stores them in her freezer. This flavorful beef patty is stuffed with a spicy, juicy filling that’s well-balanced with its golden, flaky crust.

At home, I often pair my beef patty with a salad or lentil soup for a healthier option. But when I’m on the go, I like to try some of the different patty places around the city.

Most cultures have some form of meat and/or vegetable wrapped in a pastry for convenience to eat on the go.

The Spanish have empanadas.  The Asian Indians have samosas and the British, their Cornish pasties. In fact, online research on the history of Jamaican beef patties, reveals that the Brits introduced pasties to the Jamaicans.

The British miners’ pasties have evolved into today’s spicy Jamaican patty. This patty is often filled with ground beef and paired with gravy, onions, Scotch Bonnet pepper and encased in golden, flaky pastry.

Juici Beef in Clarendon, Jamaica also sells soy, cheese and vegetarian options. Although I consider myself a traditionalist,  I will always try the beef patty first wherever I go. But I have also enjoyed a shrimp patty.

Perhaps I’m not aware of all the variations that are out there. But I’d love to try a shrimp and callaloo patty next.

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