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I’m a certified adult trainer with a Masters’ Certificate in Adult Training and Development.

If you, or your organization, offer educational training or a message you want to impart to an audience, contact me, to work with you to design and develop content.

I’ve also designed and delivered training in Storytelling and Computer Instruction for seniors; Copywriting; Children’s Fiction writing and Emotional Literacy. Workshop fees start at $250 to $300 per session, each depending on the added value available to participants, For example, for an additional $50.00 the Read With Me workshop, can feature snacks, book recommendations and prizes.

Workshop topics include:

Read With Me & Connect To Me – With the help of story time, adults can help children to understand, express and manage their feelings. The workshop leader encourages adults to read to children in a more animated, entertaining way; uses children’s picture books to discuss key emotions with adult participants and discusses strategies for talking to children about the connection between emotions and behavior.

Target Audience: Parents, caregivers and child care workers

Length: One and a Half to Two Hours

See the workshop flyer below for more information:

Read With Me Workshop Flyer


Memoir Writing –Life races by so quickly that often family members and friends are unaware of the significant or interesting details of our lives. In this workshop, participants are taken on a journey through their lives. They’re asked to think back on the milestones, the treasured moments, the challenges and the achievements. It’s important that we don’t let time pass us by.  In this workshop, participants will capture the memories and write them down so they can share what’s really important to them, with family and friends.

Target Audience:  Anyone who wants to share their story with others and anyone who enjoys storytelling and the written word.

Length: One and a Half to Two Hours (in a series of 6 sessions)


Write Effective LinkedIn Profiles – Does your headline sell you? Are you informing the people who visit your LinkedIn profile about your passion, what you do and how you can help them? Participants in this workshop will learn to write a profile that sells their skills and work experience; tells visitors what they have to offer in the business world and helps them to stand out.

Target Audience:  Anyone in the workforce or wants to communicate  more effectively with others.

Length: One Hour


Effective Writing In The Workplace – Everyone in business must write. But not everyone writes well or has the confidence to write clear, concise and effective, email correspondence, sales presentations, reports and other forms of communication.  The workshop leader discusses the basic rules of good communication and participants are provided with strategies to organize, edit and review material for greater impact.

Target Audience:  Anyone who must write to communicate and connect with management, colleagues, stakeholders, customers and the public.

Length: Two Hours


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