Fall Half-Bites and J.J. Bean Coffee Roasters

As a kid, I used to peel the Pillsbury Crescent Roll label off, then hit the can against the kitchen counter, in the same way as the actor in the TV commercial.

I think I hoped that the giggling Pillsbury Doughboy would jump out with outstretched arms onto our counter. But it never happened.

Since those days of having fun shaping and baking crescent rolls, I’ve been exposed to croissants made in some of the finest cafes and bakeries around.

This almond croissant, from J.J. Bean (Coffee Roasters), is a delight. It’s so big, you can use a knife and fork to devour it.

I absolutely hate biting into an almond croissant that’s more pastry than almond.

The light, flaky pastry is  jam-packed with almond paste and sprinkled with powdered sugar and toasted, crunchy almonds. But surprisingly, this treat is not too sweet.

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