Famous golden Oscar statuette.
The Internationally Famous and Much- Coveted, Oscar.

On Sunday, February 24th, when you’re debating whether to stay up late to watch the Academy Award category for Best Picture, Actor, Actress or Director, just pause for a moment.

Think about Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures president. Louis B. Mayer is the one who started what has become a tradition for so many.

It’s doubtful that he envisioned the impact his 1929 event would have on the film industry. The inaugural 15-minute ceremony for 270 people is now an international, live broadcast that runs for over three hours.

Mayer conceived an event to unite the five branches of the film industry: the actors, directors, producers, writers and technicians. But he also had another motive.

According to Wikipedia, when asked his reasons for creating the awards, Mayer is rumored to have said, “I found that the best way to handle (filmmakers) was to hang medals all over them … If I got them cups and awards, they’d kill themselves to produce what I wanted.”

Mayer figured out that recognition and appreciation for good work motivates a lot of people. There are those who say awards don’t matter. But even they won’t deny that it sure feels nice to be acknowledged for good work.

Throughout my career, I’ve always enjoyed contributing to different award events. I’ve researched potential candidates; written successful award nomination submissions; developed communications and marketing products and assisted in producing live and broadcast events.

I’m always inspired by the genuine enthusiasm of the winners; their heartfelt or off-the cuff, acceptance speeches and their sincere desire to make a difference.

I’ve linked above to the Best Picture Academy Award winners since 1929 (courtesy of Burger Fiction and YouTube). If you have some time, I hope you’ll take a look.

As for me, I’ll be up late watching the Oscars on Sunday night until the end of the broadcast. Because for me, it’s tradition.

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